$50 / Per hour
(per athlete)
2-3 days PER WEEK
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DeWayne Ingram

Are you and your athletic team players interested in a group training session with an experienced Alaskan NSCA certified coach with an unparalleled championship track history?

Ingram Peak Performance offers progressive, results-based group training sessions for 2-7 Alaskan performance athletes for up to 4 times a week. This is an ideal small training group session for performance athletes who are interested in teaming together to improve their strength and condition, so they may reduce the likelihood of injuries, and perform better during game day.

DeWayne has been working wit my daughter pretty much all of her high school career. I had seen improvement in strength and speed since the first months of starting. Alaska Peak Performance has truly made a difference wit my daughter, from being a better athlete to student, an ACL recoverer, and now very much a part of where she will be going off to play collegiate sports! DeWayne, Melissa are very genuine and really believe in these kids. I couldn’t have ask for a better performance trainer! And not to mention, his family- they’re all great! Not only did we gain a great trainer, we gained friends! #APP #sportsfam

The benefit of small group student athletic training sessions is that it creates a competitive environment, while still allowing the coach to offer personalized support tailored to each performance student athlete. As athletes, we are competitive by nature, but understand the importance of team dynamics.

We depend on our other team players as we win championships and defeat other teams on the field. So, let’s embrace our competitiveness and compete, while we support our athletic team players to strengthen and condition so we may play even better during our competitive games and championships. Let’s have fun training together as we become supercharged by our team players who share a similar goal and mindset.

Coach DeWayne’s group training sessions are the perfect place to build serious training power and condition our strength together to prepare for that important championship game against our greatest rival.

Training as a group also improves athletes’ camaraderie. Sometimes, student athletes feel tired and worn down to the extent of being unable to complete a workout. We may also become discouraged or disengaged if we train by ourselves, or if we are unsure about what athletic techniques to strengthen.

Group training involves 2-7 athletes designed to improved strength, conditioning, while reducing the likelihood of injury. Athletes can meet for unto 4x a week.

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