Individualized Sports Performance Training
$75 / Per HOUR
Individualized Training
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DeWayne Ingram

What if you could improve your athletic skills and techniques with individual personalized support from an Alaskan NSCA certified experienced coach who even trained the US Army?

Ingram Peak Performance trains each performance athlete through a number of plays based on their unique training needs. Their athletic strengths are greatly enhanced through our private training, where the athletes enjoy private 1:1 instruction with customized training plans. The coach not only guides, but also motivates, the performance athletes to outperform and defeat their competitors. Individual athletes are trained not only to complete by the rules with more agility, but to focus beyond these rules and regulations as they improve their athletic performance, strength, and conditioning.

DeWayne is a proactive professional. His personalized training program provides results, as well as inspiration and education for aspiring student athletes.

As Coach DeWayne values the importance of the special private coaching sessions that allow for a more specialized and customized approach, priority schedule is offered for private training sessions. As Coach DeWayne understands the performance athletes’ strengths and the skills and techniques that would be most beneficial to practice without overexerting and over exhausting the athletes, he hosts training sessions that are about 1.5 to 2 hours long. Contact the Ingram Peak Performance to schedule your individualized private training session for $90 per session today.

Coach DeWayne guides the performance student athletes as they develop the skills, strategies, and tactics necessary for more effective training and practice on and off the field. As the latest sport trends evolve every day, Coach DeWayne passes on this key information to the athletes.

The student athletes are also trained on the virtue of patience. From this virtue, they are able to understand that success must be worked towards, and is not just a reward that may be earned over night. The student performance athletes are encouraged to jump over the hurdles and to not give up on their training and athletic careers. The performance athletes receive individualized training plans, nutritious plans, evaluations and assessments to monitor their progress.

Private training is for 1:1 instruction and training that meets each athletes unique needs with customized training plans. Athletes will receive individualized training plans, nutrition plans, testing and assessments. Priority scheduling.

1.5-2hrs per week

$90 per session