Strength & Conditioning Academy

jump HIGHER, run FASTER, and get STRONGER.
$120 / Per month
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DeWayne Ingram

What if you could improve your strength and conditioning today to help you peak your athletic performance?

Ingram Peak Performance is proud to host The Strength and Conditioning Academy to help Alaskan performance athletes improve and dominate. The Strength and Conditioning Academy is an athletic training program designed to strengthen and condition High School and Collegiate athletes who aspire to progressively learn proper strength and conditioning training techniques and principals.

My daughter who is a Comp Soccer player has been working with DeWayne for over a year now and we are pleased with progress she has made in both agility and speed. His home facility is top notch and DeWayne’s knowledge and expertise is superb!

Coach DeWayne is a NSCA certified physical fitness athletic trainer who makes it his mission to get to know each of athletes individually so that he may cater the practice routines to their unique situations for unparalleled training results. During the training, the Alaskan performance athletes will meet face-to-face with Coach DeWayne once a week. Similar to the concepts they reinforce through academic homework assignments, Alaska Peak Performance also encourage our student athletes to continuously work on improving their strength and conditioning.

With greater practice, they will be able to enjoy greater training results and outcomes, for even more athletic victories.  As our athletes are encouraged to practice their strength and conditioning routines daily, not just during the weekly training sessions, our athletes will also receive monthly training plans. During each weekly session, Coach DeWayne will check in with them about the progress of their independent training, and together they may modify the training plan according to their unique needs and situation.

Through rigorous training, the athletes enjoy progressively learning the proper and most appropriate principals and techniques to perform faster and better for more competitive victory. As we believe in a holistic approach to integrate strength and conditioning for more agility, our student athletes also learn how to stretch their muscles with warm-up techniques, and how and why sports nutrition is paramount for their athletic success. As a result of their athletic training, the student athletes will improve their overall strength, reduce their likelihood of injury, and prepare for their optimal play during the competitive athletic season.


The strength and conditioning academy is targeted for High School and Collegiate athletes. 

The benefits of the academy are to help athletes progressively learn proper strength training techniques and principals. Athletes will also learn how to improve their speed, agility, sports nutrition, and warm-up techniques. 


Athletes will meet with Coach DeWayne face to face once a week and then receive monthly training plans to do on their own. Three sessions are available: Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm, Sunday 2pm-3:30pm, 4pm-5:30pm




$120 per month (no refunds or prorated sessions)

As a result of this training, athletes may improve the overall strength, reduce the likelihood of injury, and prepare them for optimal play during the season.